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Get a monthly supply of the jewelry subscription box of your choice


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Every month, our glam team will deliver your subscription right to your door. 

Simple, you pick out one of our 3 boxes and automatically you are set up ....

Our Subscription Box ships out on the 28th of every month to your door.

Subscription Boxes


Box 1

Box 2

Box 3

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Glam Box 1

This box is for the Diva on a budget but still loves jewelry. In this Subscription Bag you will receive 3 to 5 quality new pieces of accessories


Glam Box 2

This box is for the Queen who desires to have more zass in her wardrobe. This box is great for the woman who's looking for MANY quality pieces to perk her style ....5 to 8 new pieces monthly

Glam Box 3

This box is for the Wardrobe Fashionista or Woman who loves to gift others.This box is a monthly mega jewelry gift box that's filled to the brim with GLAM. 

Luxurious Chunky Pieces are here! 

This box gives new 10-14 pieces monthly.


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