Becoming a Candy Glam Consultant is an Amazing Opportunity to Work from Absolutely Anywhere Making Fun Fashion Income Along with Establishing Great Relationships. This Opportunity gives ladies a few streams of revenue out of one consultant opportunity. Our Consultants receive 20-30% commissions off of their website sales, along with a few other streams. From team building to being a fashion mavyn, and providing glam stylists boxes to potential glam clients the possibilities are fun also endless. You receive a glam kit and website with your consultant start-up opportunity and YES you keep the entire funds that are made off of your glam kit. There's a total of 6 different streams of income our consultants receive through this amazing glam opportunity, along with business development, and coaching!
More info provided in the glam kit.

Ruby Kit

$250  Ruby Business Kit

..Great idea for a starter kit on a budget... Grow your business in time

(Includes a Personal Website)




Platinum Kit

$650 Platinum Kit

Great for those Glamnista's who want a serious business, and products to showcase.

(Includes a Personal Website & Full Compensation Plan)




Emerald Kit

$350 Emerald Business Kit

...Great idea for a self- motivated fashionista who is looking for career level income....

(Includes a Personal Website)




Full Boutique Glam Kit

$1100 Full Boutique Glam Kit

Are you ready to seriously build a new glam career?, Get a full retail store of products to get started, from accessories, shoes, clothes, + more

(Includes a Personal Website & Full Compensation Plan)




Diamond Kit

$450 Diamond Business Kit

For those ladies who want to introduce their glam business with a bang of products, this package includes a more vast of accessories...

(Includes a Personal Website)



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